Fun Recall/Attention Tricks

Fendi, true to her Doberman nature, is EXTREMELY intelligent. She is always hyper-focused on what she is doing. This makes her a joy to work with, but can present its challenges if the thing she is focused on is not you. Living downtown there are TONS of distractions; people, puppies, sirens ... the list goes … Continue reading Fun Recall/Attention Tricks

Puppy Vs. Dog Park

The dog park is an amazing place for city pups. It is the closest thing to a backyard for most of us with the added bonus of playmates. The dog park can be a great way for both your puppy and you to socialize, but you want to make sure to follow a few steps … Continue reading Puppy Vs. Dog Park

Puppy Games

Dobermans need a lot of stimulation, not just physically, but mentally. We do obedience training with Fendi every, but it never seems like enough. Sometimes she wanders around the condo, pacing like a lion in the zoo. This is after countless walks, training sessions, and excursions to the dog park, etc... We were advised to … Continue reading Puppy Games

Update on Potty Training

Very pleased to announce that Fendi seems to be completely potty trained at this point. I feel the reason we were able to do this so quickly, even in the condo setting, has been our luxury of time at home with her. We have been taking her out exactly every 3 hours to use the … Continue reading Update on Potty Training

The Dreaded Ear Flop

It happened. We hoped so badly it wouldn't but it did. After 3 whole weeks of Fendi's ear staying up, her right ear flopped back down. It was strange, the first day, she let it flop and brought it back up whenever I held it for a few seconds. We decided to keep an eye … Continue reading The Dreaded Ear Flop

Condo Potty Training

Potty training can be one of the hardest parts when training a new puppy. With the added challenge of condo living, it can feel like a near impossible task to take on. If you are like us and live in a high-rise, sometimes getting your pup downstairs and to the nearest relief area is near … Continue reading Condo Potty Training

Ear Cropping

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding dog ear cropping and tail docking -  some countries have even banned the process. Fendi has both her ears cropped and tail docked. We received lots of questions & opinions on this, especially when her ears were in the process of being taped. Our breeder, like all … Continue reading Ear Cropping