Puppy Travel Checklist

  • Vet bill of health – Your breeder should be able to provide this for you. 
  • Government papers – WeFendi required a CDC Clearance to fly as she was too young at time of travel to have a rabies shotBe sure to note dates, we just made it with Fendi’s paperwork on the last day it was valid. 
  • Airline Compatibility – Ensure you are choosing a pet friendly airline, we used American Airlines and they were fantastic. You must check the restrictions for pet travel with your airline and ensure you call them at least 24 hours before your flight. You must disclose that you are bringing the pet to ensure there is enough room on the flight for him/her. 
  • Hard travel kennel – Depending on your airline & the puppy’s size, there is a chance they will have to fly cargo. Hard travel cases are required for this. 
  • Soft travel carrier – Puppy should be able to sit, turn, and lay comfortably. The case will also have to fit under the seat, just like carry on luggage. 
  • Harness/collar & leash that fit your puppy – I would recommend having the breeder help you with this or ensuring time to stop at a pet store on the way. We over estimated how big she would be end ended up having to get a new harness en route. 
  • Collapsable food/water bowl – Ensure your puppy is staying hydrated but do not allow open access to water to avoid any accidents on the flight. 
  • Toy(s) – Fendi flew with both a rope toy and plush for chewing and comfort. 
  • Treats – Check with your breeder which treats she has been eating to not upset her stomach.
  • Puppy’s food – See above. Your puppy may not want to eat or eat less than usual, which is normal. Leave food for 15 minutes at a time and try again later if they do not finish. 
  • Blankets/Comfort – Make sure your puppy is comfy & does not get too cold on the plane. Even better if you can provide the puppy with blankies in a familiar scent to them. 

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