The Dreaded Ear Flop

It happened. We hoped so badly it wouldn’t but it did. After 3 whole weeks of Fendi’s ear staying up, her right ear flopped back down.

It was strange, the first day, she let it flop and brought it back up whenever I held it for a few seconds. We decided to keep an eye on it and see what happened. The next morning, we could not get her to put it up at all.


So poor Fendi is wrapped back up. We got her wrapped yesterday (Wednesday) and will be taking off the tape the next Monday. The vet reminded us that this is a process and it is best we brought her in as soon as we noticed it. The vet hopes it will only take another week since it was standing so well before.

I am not sure if we will continue taping if it fails again after another 2 weeks. This time around, it seems like it is irritating her a lot more. Maybe because she is older and has gotten accustom to the freedom of non-wrapped ears. I think she looks cute with the flop, but it would be nice to have them completely up, especially considering all the work that went into them. However, we are not going to let her continue to be bothered by them .. so we will see …

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