Ear Cropping – London

It is funny looking back on these posts – because in previous posts I had wrote I did not think I would crop a dogs ears again by choice … When London came into our life wth floppy ears – I knew immediately I wanted them done if the vet OK’ed it.

London came to us at 9 weeks old. I was not sure the cut off for ear cropping as there seemed to be a large variance in our online research. I also was tasked with the challenge of finding a vet I trust to do this procedure.

After speaking to the many Vegas doberman owners and going through countless reviews and discussion boards … we decided to consult with Desert Inn Animal Hospital. We really couldn’t be happier with their medical team! Each visit has been so seemless and easy from booking to the medical staff. We especially loved that her consult was with a vet who raised dobermans and was in the midsts of raising a new doberman puppy as well. We decided to go with Dr. Lingwall to do London’s ears and as our new primary vet. The procedure cost approximately $700 and was an all inclusive price – surgery, recovery, medications, and follow up wrapping.

We are currently 5 weeks post op and I believe and hope we are through with taping. I am so happy with her ears, they look fantastic and we had zero concerns or complications throughout the process. I have also been pleasantly surprised how supportive Vegas residence seem of cropping – which is a totally different experience to that I had in Miami. I would highly recommend the VCA Desert Inn team for ear cropping in Las Vegas!

IMG_3513                     IMG_4930

Before                                                                                      After           

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