About Us

Welcome to our Blog! We started this to collect information, tips, and share stories of raising a large, highly intelligent and energetic dog in the city as we found there are not as many resources as you’d expect online. We want to share our experiences, both rewarding and challenging, of raising a big dog in a not-so-big, high traffic condo.



Fendi is a female 4 month old European Doberman. Her parents are Vadar (Sire) and Khaleesi (Dam) of Doberman Ultimatus. We could not be happier with her temperament & look. Fendi is extremely calm, easy going, and loves to meet new friends.

She is a very outgoing puppy and absolutely fearless. While we are very happy with this, it can often result in bigger training challenges as she is easily distracted & wants to say hello to every passerby.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 11.21.07 AM.png

Khaleesi & Vadar


Before Fendi, we had been researching Dobermans for about 3 years. We wanted a dog that was protective and intimidating to the eye, but sweet very and trainable. We recently moved from Toronto to Miami and now had the time and ability to take on a puppy. We are not dog trainers by any means and any of advise has been from research, vet/professional recommendations and personal experience.

This is our first Doberman!

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