Ear Cropping – Fendi

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding dog ear cropping and tail docking -  some countries have even banned the process. Fendi has both her ears cropped and tail docked. I have received lots of questions & opinions on this, especially when her ears were in the process of being taped. My breeder, like … Continue reading Ear Cropping – Fendi

Puppy Travel Checklist

Vet bill of health - Your breeder should be able to provide this for you.  Government papers - WeFendi required a CDC Clearance to fly as she was too young at time of travel to have a rabies shot. Be sure to note dates, we just made it with Fendi's paperwork on the last day it … Continue reading Puppy Travel Checklist

Planes, Cars & Carry Ons – Getting Fendi Home

Baby Fendi is finally here! It was not the simplest journey, but she made it. Toronto to Miami - a 3 hour car ride, 2 flights, followed by another 30 minute car ride and she is finally home. I have to comment on how lucky we are. I picked Fendi based off her parents and … Continue reading Planes, Cars & Carry Ons – Getting Fendi Home