The well rounded city pup is a well trained and well rounded one. Puppy training is already so difficult – now add in all the distractions of the city!

When I was training Fendi, I always do lots of practice indoors before I attempt it outside. She is a smart girl, but as much as she likes to please, she gets distracted very easily.

When I first got Fendi, I was determined to enforce positive rewards with a toy instead of treats. This works sometimes, but she is food motivated. Now I have been carrying around a treat belt and training has been sooo much easier. The one I have is big enough to carry my phone, keys, and a tennis ball so it has been perfect for every outing.

The most important (and challenging) thing about puppy training is staying persistent and calm. This sometimes means standing across the street in the park for 20 minutes waiting for your dog to do its business – but I promise it gets easier.